How to Efficiently Use an Electric Standing Desk

use the standing desk efficiently

How do you feel after 8 hours of office work, day after day? The sedentary workplace can make you uncomfortable, anxious, and impatient. Sitting for too long can give you a negative mood or muscle atrophy and decreased blood flow to block blood vessels. Discomfort is an indicator that says something is wrong with your body. With the mental and physical impact of long term sitting, an ergonomic desk can help you get on your feet.
In this article, we will give you some ideas to use the standing desk efficiently, getting the worth out of every penny of yours.

Enhance Your Productivity

If you have worked for one hour, usually we suggest you too stand up or do some exercise. Massive workload can make you busy with your work and stopping to take time to do exercise will interrupt your project.

Traditional office work can make you fall into a dilemma “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too”. Motorized height adjustable desks can help you solve this situation. You can stand up to work or sit. You can alternate between seated and standing position easily with just a press of a key on the desk.
A standing desk not only can help you choose the correct work style, but also can help you concentrate on the task at hand and improve your creative problem-solving ability.

When you stand and work, your brain will multitask, which makes you more productive than just sitting. For example, your brain needs to balance your body and control slight muscle activity. These tiny things will have your brain active allowing you to focus on your work, which will then enhance your efficiency.

Standing Desk Enhance Your Productivity

Decorate Your Home Office & Gaming Zone

Many electric desk frames on the market are not only height adjustable, but also length adjustable as well and can have a customized desktop. For example, AiTerminal desk frame features 27”-45” height adjustment and 42”-71” Length adjustment range. You can use the standing desks in your home in a compact space or a spacious room, changing the size of the desk according to how you want to work. Assembly and disassembly are very easy. Even if you move to another new place, the standing desk can be moved to your new home.

You can customize the desktop according to your home decoration style and personal aesthetic. The whole standing desk kit will bring you DIY enjoyment.
If you are a gamer, or tech savant with more than one computer, you can install a perfect home office setup, to build an amazing working zone or gaming zone. No matter working or playing games, enjoy yourself in a comfortable position.

Decorate your home office & gaming zone

Protect Your Health

Standing desk research states that ergonomic standing desks can decrease the risk of obesity, blood sugar levels, heart disease, and reduce back pain. Other research has concluded that standing can improve your mood and energy levels, and live longer and so on.
On the subject of back pain, many occupations that need to sit for a long time every workday will have a higher risk of back pain in later life. The strain of sitting for a long time is the main cause of back pain in the office. Standing and sitting in shifts can help relieve the strain in your back and shoulder and help you in the long run.

In this case, the standing desk is also exercise equipment in your workplace.

Protect your health

Homeschool Standing Desk

With the fast-growing trend of homeschool education in the United States, the electric standing desk can be your kids’ school desk. It is very easy for kids to adjust the height with a simple interface. You can teach your kids at any posture you choose, allowing kids to stand can lead to a physical satisfaction instead of keeping the kids stuck seated for a long time studying. They can choose to sit or stand to watch an online course so as help them concentrate.

If you can build an extraordinary and attractive study zone, your kids will love to study and concentrate on their schoolwork.

Homeschool standing desk


A standing desk can help you improve your blood flow, help alleviate discomfort on your neck, shoulder, back, which can boost your talents, allowing you to work longer, enhance your productivity, improve your mood, raise energy levels, and ease working stress and fatigue.
However, standing for a long time is also not conducive to your health. The correct method to use the stand-sit desk is shifting the posture according to your body’s comfort. Get yourself to use the standing desk slowly: At first, stand 30 minutes a few times one day so that you can give your body some time to adjust, then one hour the next day, and longer when your body can adjust.

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