■ How long does it take to assemble my standing desk?


In most cases, it should take approximately a half-hour.


■ What tools are required to assemble my standing desk?


4mm Allen Wrench (included) & Screwdriver (not included) are needed.


■ Where can I find instructions about assembling my AiTerminal desk?


You can find our video instruction here:



■ What does the warranty include?


The motor and all moving parts come with our worry-free 5-year warranty. We will ship necessary replacement items free of charge.


■ How can I trust the quality of AiTerminal’s standing desks and other products? Are they certified?


Here are three reasons you can trust our premium-quality promise:

1. Our products are certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and have passed a number of stability, strength, and fatigue tests (BIFMA certification).

2. Our products comply with the relevant FCC UL safety standards and have passed the GECA certification.

3. AiTerminal standing desk frames have passed ANSI/BIFMA/UL/FCC/GECA authoritative certifications.


■ Are AiTerminal’s products eco-friendly?


AiTerminal’s products strictly comply with ISO 14024 global eco-labeling best practices, while the spray paint from our desk frames is environmentally friendly and all desk parts are recyclable. AiTerminal’s tabletops are also made of renewable sources.

Additionally, The steel of our desk frame is forged in an eco-friendly way, saving energy and reducing CO2 emission in the production process. No environmentally harmful substances are used and waste emissions are reduced.


■ What is the best way to reach out to AiTerminal’s customer service?


You can contact us via Facebook messenger at the bottom right corner of our website or email us at service@aiterminaldesk.com.


■ What’s the height range of AiTerminal’s standing desks?


The height range on our desks is 24.21"- 50.8”.


■ How much weight can an AiTerminal’s standing desk hold?


The max weight capacity of our desks is 264lbs.


■ Is my monitor compatible with AiTerminal’s Monitor Arms?


Remember to make sure screw holes are present on the back of the monitor.
The compatible size of monitors for our product is 2.76” x 2.76” to 3.94” x 3.94”.


■ What dimension of tabletops fits on AiTerminal’s Standing Desk Frames?


Our recommended length is 43.3”-74.8” and recommended width is 25.6”-31.5”.


■ What if my standing desk does not work?


Simply tell our customer service staff about your problem. We are always happy to assist you via Facebook message at the bottom right corner of our website or email us service@aiterminaldesk.com.


■ How can I return a product? What if I receive a damaged product?


For a detailed explanation, please visit


■ What are AiTerminal products made of?


Desk Frame: SPCC

Table Top: Particleboard

Accessories: ABS

Pedestal Cabinet: SPCC

Standing Desk Converter: Black laminated

Office Chair: Breathable mesh, nylon material, and SPCC

Monitor Arm: SPCC


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