FAQ About US

FAQ For Our Aiterminal

■ When was the company established?


The company was established in 2006, but the development for the standing desk didn’t start until 2011.


■ How big is the company and factory?




■ How many workers are in the company?


More than 300 people.


■ What are your best-selling products?


- Single motor standing desk

- Dual motor standing desk

- Manual crank type desk

- Bench workstation for project

- Desk riser


■ What is the MOQ and produce capacity?


MOQ 1 set and produce capacity is 30,000 pcs/month


■ What certifications do you carry?




■ What machines do you carry?


- Cube laser cutting machine

- Automatic Painting machine

- CNC bending machine

- Punching machine

- Sheet metal laser cutting machines

- Automatic welding machine

FAQ For Aiterminal Desks

■ Do you sell desk frame only or with table tops?


Generally we are just selling frames only. If you really need one with a table top, we can offer MDF material.


■ What are the specs for the metal composition?


8-3.0mm thick, powder≥120um; metal composition is low-carbon steel.


■ How do you initialize your desk?


If the handset is locked, the first step is to unlock. Begin by pressing and holding the “Up” and “Down” buttons at the same time. Continue to hold as the frame lowers itself all the way down (if extended). You will hear a slight beep sound followed by a brief flash on the display screen. Press the “Up” button once to engage the motors. Your desk should be activated and ready to go.


■ What do I do if the desk does not work at all?


Check to see if it’s connected to the control box. Try to connect a lamp or something similar to the main supply to see if the voltage is working. Also check if all plugs are mounted correctly in the control box and to the leg. If there are any visible damages on cables, controls, control box or legs, contact the company where you bought your desk.


■ What color of the desk can you offer?


We offer black, white and gray.


■ What is the warranty?


The motor and all moving parts come with a full 5 year warranty. We ship necessary replacement items free of charge.


■ What is the aperture of the hole in desk foot?




■ How do you set the presets?


To preset a specific height, drive the desk to desired height, press “Up” and 1 buttons at the same time for about 2 seconds. “P1” should appear on the display. Repeat the procedure for button 2.